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Thursday, May 27, 2010

FLIR Reduces T300 Price to $8,995

High-Performance FLIR T300 and B300 Thermal Cameras Offer Powerful 320x240 Resolution Now for $8,995
Unrivaled FLIR innovation, incredible price, and immediate delivery

(Portland, OR) May 24, 2010 – FLIR, the world leader in thermal imaging, has announced special $8,995 pricing on its professional-grade FLIR T300 and B300 infrared thermal cameras, making powerful 320x240 resolution and FLIR-exclusive innovations available for immediate delivery, at an unbelievably affordable price.

FLIR T300 - High-Temperature Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
For a limited time, thermographers working in electrical, industrial, building efficiency and restoration sectors can get their hands on a legendary FLIR infrared camera with stand-out features that make their jobs easier—all at an unbeatable price and with no delays.

FLIR's affordable and durable T300 (for commercial / industrial) and B300 (for building / restoration) are built with a range of best-in-class capabilities that stand out from other 320x240 resolution infrared imagers. In addition to Fusion scalable Picture in Picture, FLIR's T300 and B300 also feature delta T (differential temperature) calculation, articulating lens for easy aiming and viewing, selectable auto/manual zoom, 3.1MP visual camera, illuminator lamp, Laser LocatIR? for visual pointer on infrared images, insulation and dewpoint alarms (B300), 3.5" touchscreen, and a back-up battery.

FLIR B300 - High-Sensitivity Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

We, at FLIR, listened to customer suggestions and recently added exclusive new capabilities that integrate proven technologies such as Bluetooth? to simplify and streamline routine inspection and reporting tasks, helping thermographers get their job done more quickly and more accurately. New, industry-first features include:

?METERLiNK? –Bluetooth? connectivity captures readings directly from select Extech meters
?Bluetooth? Voice Annotation – Record notes with your Bluetooth? hands-free headset
?Copy-to-USB – Transfer in-camera images or reports directly to a USB memory stick

What is METERLiNK?? The FLIR T300 and B300 both feature this exclusive new technology that wirelessly connects FLIR infrared cameras to METERLiNK?-enabled Extech clamp meters and moisture meters via Bluetooth? to accelerate and simplify inspections. How? METERLink? transmits meter readings directly to your FLIR T300 or B300, recording them directly on your infrared image. METERLink? saves time by automating coordinated measurements and effectively eliminates the risk of erroneous records or notes. And METERLiNK? is available only from FLIR, the pioneers in infrared innovation.

FLIR T300 and B300 infrared cameras are available now for immediate delivery. This special $8,995 price is a limited time offer and cannot be combined with any other offers. This offer is only available in the U.S. market. FLIR reserves the right to limit quantities. Visit http://www.flir.com/thermography/americas/us/content/?id=18120 to learn more. Call 1-866-477-3687 to speak with a FLIR representative. Or, contact your authorized FLIR distributor.

About FLIR Systems:
Pioneers in all aspects of infrared and lowlight imaging technologies, FLIR designs, manufactures, and supports thermal imaging systems and subsystems for industrial, scientific, government, commercial, and firefighting applications. With a 40-year history of infrared innovation, +100,000 systems in use worldwide, and development centers and sales offices in over 60 countries, FLIR is the world leader in thermal imaging technology. Visit the company's website at www.FLIR.com.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

FLIR Advances Infrared Camera Connectivity

FLIR Introduces Suite of Industry-First Connectivity Features
METERLiNK? and other capabilities simplify jobs with increased connectivity

FLIR (www.flir.com) announces a suite of new connectivity-themed features across the FLIR thermal imager product line. The new capabilities integrate proven technologies such as Bluetooth? to simplify and streamline routine inspection tasks helping thermographers get their job done more quickly and more accurately. New, industry-first features include:

  • METERLiNK? –Bluetooth?-based connectivity with Extech meters
  • Instant Reports – In-camera application generates PDF inspection reports on-the-go
  • Bluetooth? Voice Annotation – Connectivity to Bluetooth? handsfree headsets
  • Copy-to-USB – Transfer onboard images or reports directly to a USB memory stick

FLIR’s suite of connectivity upgrades is headlined by METERLiNK?, an exclusive new technology that wirelessly connects FLIR infrared cameras to Extech meters via Bluetooth? to accelerate and simplify inspections. For example, during infrared inspections of electrical components, users can transmit key electrical readings such as current or voltage from a METERLiNK?-enabled Extech EX8451000 ACA clamp meter directly to a FLIR infrared camera. METERLiNK? instantly imprints the electrical readings onto a related infrared image for accurate, coordinated documentation.

For building-related professionals concerned with tracking moisture and water intrusion, METERLiNK? works with the Extech InspectorPro MO297 multi-function moisture meter and psychrometer. When moisture is identified on a FLIR camera’s infrared image, exacting moisture readings taken by an Extech InspectorPro can then be transmitted to the camera and recorded on the image, along with other environmental readings from the InspectorPro such as relative humidity and ambient temperature.

Get Connected with FLIR's METERLiNK?

METERLink?, found on select FLIR infrared cameras and Extech test and measurement tools, saves time by accurately automating measurement annotations while effectively eliminating the risk of erroneous records or notes.
Tom Scanlon, vice president of Thermography Americas [or other executive to-be-determined], discussed the significant role of customer input in developing METERLiNK?, “FLIR is focused on getting customers better connected to their cameras, their customers, and their other tools of the trade. For example, we have heard from customers loud and clear that they wanted their infrared cameras to ‘talk to’ their meters. METERLiNK? enables FLIR customers to integrate valuable readings from advanced, multifunction Extech meters into one format, their infrared image. METERLiNK? and the related connectivity features we’re introducing represent FLIR’s commitment to driving innovation and leadership in the infrared camera industry.”

The Instant Reports mobile application from FLIR generates inspection reports on-board the camera, without a PC. The industry-first functionality uses an on-board, mobile version of FLIR’s reporting software adapted for expedited, on-the-go reporting. Inspectors can use the mobile application to easily compile images and findings into a fully-formatted PDF report with actionable insights that can be easily given to a client at a job site via USB memory stick.

Instant Reports allows inspectors to save time on many jobs by eliminating the added steps of preparing and sending a report at a desktop or laptop after an inspection. Plus, Instant Reports improves connectivity with customers who can now receive report findings “on the spot.”

FLIR’s integration of Bluetooth? technology also powers the first-ever voice annotation capabilities via wireless headset. Inspectors can now connect a Bluetooth? wireless headset to a FLIR thermal imager for easier recording of voice comments associated with their inspections. Using familiar Bluetooth? headsets, users can improve the recording and playback quality of their voice comments, especially in noisy inspection sites.

Thermographers can take advantage of their existing Bluetooth headsets designed specifically to pick up a user’s voice while reducing or rejecting ambient noise. Plus, the in-ear design of many models significantly reduces background noise to let users hear audio better. FLIR is the only infrared camera maker to offer users connectivity to high-quality, Bluetooth? wireless headsets.

FLIR’s new Copy-to-USB capabilities permit users to transfer onboard images or reports directly to a USB memory stick. Copy-to-USB improves connectivity with clients by allowing thermographers to deliver infrared images or complete PDF reports generated with Instant Reports by simply transferring files from the camera to a USB memory stick. Copy-to-USB increases customer convenience by saving time and simplifying file sharing without the need for a PC, USB cable, internet, or email.

FLIR’s new IR Window Auto-Correction automatically adjusts sensitivity compensation for IR windows. Infrared inspections of electrical components viewable only through an arc-resistant IR window, view port, or sightglass can be compromised when the window itself affects a camera’s IR sensitivity. To combat this risk for inaccurate findings and to save time making manual compensation adjustments, FLIR cameras now feature an industry-first automatic compensation for decreased sensitivity caused by IR windows. IR Window Auto-Correction ensures thermographers get connected to accurate diagnostics especially when protective safety interfaces, like view ports or IR windows, are a must.
New features will be available on select FLIR thermal imagers on March 1st, 2010. Visit www.flir.com or call 1-800-GO-INFRA to learn more about FLIR’s upgraded product line featuring a suite of improved connectivity features.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FLIR to Deliver 100,000th Infrared Camera in Tucson, AZ

Milestone thermal imager sold by Professional Equipment, given to Bob Childs, Home Inspector
(Tucson, AZ) November 4, 2009 – FLIR Systems (NASDAQ: FLIR) announces the delivery of its 100,000th commercial-use infrared camera. The FLIR thermal imager was sold by Professional Equipment (www.professionalequipment.com), a distributor of FLIR infrared cameras, to Bob Childs, owner of Bob the Inspector, Inc. in nearby Green Valley, AZ.

To commemorate the milestone, Mr. Childs and Professional Equipment will be honored at an awards ceremony and press conference held on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 12 noon in the Courtyard Royale hall at the Radisson Suites Hotel, 7051 S. Tucson Blvd., Tucson, AZ. In addition to receiving the 100,000th infrared camera award, Mr. Childs will also receive his FLIR BCAM SD infrared camera compliments of FLIR Systems ($3,450 value).

Tom Scanlon, Vice President for Americas Thermography, spoke about the upcoming event: “It is fitting that our one-hundred-thousandth infrared camera goes to Bob Childs, a home inspection professional. As our country and our world continue to strive to go green, home inspectors and energy auditors are at the forefront of that monumental effort, evaluating our homes and buildings to ensure they are sound and energy efficient. We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone with our valued distributor, Professional Equipment and with Mr. Childs here in Arizona.”

Scanlon added, “This remarkable achievement is a reflection of FLIR’s success in its efforts to make infrared technology increasingly available and affordable. While FLIR’s earliest thermal imagers cost $50,000, today’s professionals can access FLIR technology for a fraction of that, with cameras now starting at under $2,000.”

Lisa Sympson, Specialty Brands Senior Manager, at Professional Equipment commented, “Professional Equipment is proud to partner in recognizing this significant milestone in FLIR’s history. This recognition is a testament to the increasingly critical role thermal imaging is playing across industries worldwide.“

In addition to serving as a key tool in home inspection and building diagnostics, FLIR’s commercial infrared cameras (excludes defense and surveillance markets) have been used around the world by professionals in a variety of applications ranging from law enforcement, industrial plant maintenance, electrical and HVAC diagnostics, as well as research and development.

About FLIR Systems
FLIR Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging and stabilized camera systems for a wide variety of thermography and imaging applications including condition monitoring, research and development, manufacturing process control, airborne observation and broadcast, search and rescue, drug interdiction, surveillance and reconnaissance, navigation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring and ground-based security. Visit the Company's web site at www.flir.com.

About Professional Equipment
Since 1987, Professional Equipment has been providing inspection, electrical, HVAC, engineering and building professionals with the tools and testing equipment they need. The Professional Equipment catalog and e-commerce website www.ProfessionalEquipment.com serve the building, inspection and construction industries nationwide. Professional Equipment is a division of W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New FLIR T300 and B300 Infrared Cameras Stand Out with 320x240 Resolution and Up-Market Features

(Billerica, MA) October 7, 2009 -- FLIR Systems (NASDAQ: FLIR), the global leader in infrared, added the new FLIR T300 and B300 thermal imaging camera to its award-winning T- and B-Series of powerful, simple-to-use, and durable infrared cameras. The new T300 and B300 capture detailed, crisp images and video with a 320 x 240 focal plane array (FPA) detector (76,800 pixels). FLIR’s affordable T300 and B300 tackle the performance demands of industrial, plant, utility, HVAC, and building-related professionals.

FLIR T300: Powerful Electrical, Mechanical Inspections and MRO
The new T300 stands out from the competition with a combination of versatile and up-market features found only on FLIR’s T-series cameras. For quick, highly detailed diagnostics in industrial applications, the T300 matches 2% thermal accuracy, 30Hz frame rate, and <0.05?C thermal sensitivity (NETD) with a wider temperature measurement range of -20?C to 650?C (-4?F to 1202?F), with an optional range reaching to 1200 ?C (2192?F).

FLIR B300: Detailed Building, Weatherization, and Restoration Audits
The B300 infrared camera is tailored for building-related diagnostic and inspection applications: weatherization and energy audits, moisture/mold/water-damage remediation and restoration, insulation audits, heating and cooling assessments, etc. The B300 takes the powerful capabilities of the T300 and adds an optimized temperature range of -20?C to 120°C (-4?F to 248?F), as well as moisture and insulation alarms to alert an inspector to conditions that suggest moisture issues or missing or improperly installed insulation.

Typically found in higher-end cameras, the T- and B-Series imagers’ lens rotates vertically up to 120?. Unlike “pistol-grip” products in the class which offer a fixed lens and display, the T300 and B300’s swiveling design makes it easy to properly aim at targets without compromising the user’s view of the large 3.5” (89mm) color touchscreen.

A host of on-board measurement modes, over and above center-spot readings, ensure the T300 and B300 handle any job-specific diagnostic challenges: 5 moveable spots, 5 box areas, isotherm color alarms, customizable auto hot/cold spot area (vs. full-screen-only), and in-camera “delta-T” differential temperature calculations.

FLIR’s laser LocatIR? pointer allows the user to pinpoint a hotspot on a component and record that indicated spot on the IR image. Picture in Picture (PiP) Fusion allows technicians to superimpose a scalable thermal image over a visible light digital image. Comparable Fusion-enabled imagers must rely on daylight or well-lit areas for PiP Fusion images; the T300 and B300 ensure quality PiP Fusion by illuminating job sites with a built-in flash lamp. The camera’s video streaming is also ideal for jobs requiring extended monitoring or recording.

While some thermal imagers restrict a built-in digital camera to PiP Fusion applications, the FLIR T300 and B300’s onboard 3.1 MP digital camera can also capture flash-lit, visible-light-only images—an indispensable convenience for adding comparisons and context in reports.

In addition to the added versatility of manual and autofocus optics, optional FLIR lenses are auto-recognized by the camera eliminating cumbersome calibration routines in the field. An unmatched spectrum of easy-to-swap, close-up, wide angle and telephoto lenses are available: 6?, 15?, 45?, 90?, 2x, and 4x.

One Image, One File. Period.
To simplify image management, the T300 and B300 capture and store infrared images in a patented radiometric JPEG format. This FLIR-exclusive means a single image is used for both analysis and sharing in emails, Word documents, reports, etc. For job-site convenience, an onboard thumbnail gallery expedites images searches and up to 1 minute of stop/start voice comments can be recorded with each image.

The durable T- and B300 stand up to all-day, everyday performance relying on a field-swappable Li-Ion battery delivering over 4 hours of continuous use at 100% brightness. To reduce strain, the cameras weigh 20% less (1.94 lbs, 0.88kg) than comparable cameras.

For added peace of mind, FLIR’s two-year warranty may be complemented by ThermaTrak?, a revolutionary asset-recovery service available to geographically pinpoint a lost or stolen camera as well as offer organizations realtime asset management tools and alerts—a FLIR exclusive.

The FLIR T300 and B300 are priced at $9,950 and are part of FLIR’s T and B series of infrared cameras featuring models starting at under $8,500. The T300 and B300 also include an SD memory card, Li-Ion rechargeable battery with 100-260VAC adaptor/charger, 2-bay battery charger, QuickReport software, USB Mini-B cable, video cable, sun shield, stylus pen, headset, camera lens cap, and durable transport case. The FLIR T300 and B300 are available now through distributors, or by contacting FLIR. Please call +1-800-GO-INFRA (464 6372) or visit http://go.flir.com/t300info for complete product information.

About FLIR Systems
FLIR Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging and stabilized camera systems for a wide variety of thermography and imaging applications including condition monitoring, research and development, manufacturing process control, airborne observation and broadcast, search and rescue, drug interdiction, surveillance and reconnaissance, navigation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring and ground-based security. Visit the Company's web site at www.flir.com.

(Note: Product specifications are subject to change at any time.)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Affordable New FLIR i7 Infrared Camera Offers 120x120 Resolution

New thermal imager offers pro-grade resolution for $2,995 (USD)

(Billerica, MA) September 17, 2009 -- FLIR Systems (NASDAQ: FLIR), the global leader in infrared, unveiled the all-new FLIR i7 thermal imaging infrared camera today, the first-ever thermal imaging camera designed for building-/home-inspectors and energy auditors and priced under $3,000 (US market). The new FLIR i7 couples RESNET-compliant 120x120 (14,400) pixel infrared resolution with 2% accuracy and 0.1?C thermal sensitivity—a robust combination of capabilities to quickly detect moisture issues, missing insulation, HVAC leaks, electrical problems, thermal leaks, and numerous energy-audit-related problems.

The compact FLIR i7 reveals abnormal temperature readings with crisp images displayed on a large 2.8” (71mm) high-resolution color LCD. The FLIR i7 leverages FLIR’s extensive user input with a fully-automatic design, intuitive menu navigation, and focus-free lens that make it easy to use even for newcomers to thermal imaging. Three measurement modes are available for extensive analysis of job sites: spot (center), area (minimum/maximum), and isotherm (above/below). Image controls include three palette options: iron, rainbow, and black & white.

Tom Scanlon, vice president, Americas Thermography at FLIR Systems, commented, “The FLIR i7 represents FLIR’s solid commitment to introducing powerful thermal imaging capabilities to building professionals at affordable prices. Only FLIR can offer 120x120 resolution matched with high thermal sensitivity for under $3,000. For home inspectors, building inspectors, energy audit professionals, and water damage restoration specialists, budget is no longer an excuse to go without thermal imaging’s time-saving and efficient diagnostic capabilities. Every company should have at least one.”

Up to 5,000 images can be captured and stored on the FLIR i7’s MicroSD card (included). Browsing images on the large LCD is easy using FLIR’s onboard thumbnail gallery feature. Image transfer to a PC is easy via the MicroSD card or USB connection. Unlike proprietary image formats, FLIR’s patented radiometric JPEG format permits you to analyze temperature data directly from a common image format using FLIR’s QuickReport? software (included). Radiometric JPEGs permit sharing images with inspection clients via email attachment, MSWord documents, etc without the inconvenience of cumbersome file export routines.

Weighing less than 12 ounces (340g) with long-lasting, >4-hour battery, the lightweight, easy-grip design ensures maximum ergonomics and minimum fatigue. The FLIR i7 is designed for rough handling with double-molded construction, meeting IP43 dust/splashproof standards, 25G shock rating and 2G vibration rating.

The $2,995 FLIR i7 infrared camera includes a 512MB microsSD card, miniSD adaptor, Li-Ion rechargeable battery with AC adaptor/charger and EU, UK, US, and AU plug, QuickReport? software, USB mini-B cable, built-in manual lens protector, hand strap, and hard case. The FLIR i7 is available now through distributors and retailers. Visit http://go.flir.com/i7 for product information and to find a distributor near you.

About FLIR Systems
FLIR Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging and stabilized camera systems for a wide variety of thermography and imaging applications including condition monitoring, research and development, manufacturing process control, airborne observation and broadcast, search and rescue, drug interdiction, surveillance and reconnaissance, navigation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring and ground-based security. Visit the Company's web site at www.flir.com.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Extech i5 Infrared Camera First to Shatter $2,000 Price Barrier

(Waltham, MA, USA) August 3, 2009 -- Extech Instruments (www.extech.com/i5news), a subsidiary of FLIR Systems (NASDAQ: FLIR), announced today that it is reducing the price of its popular EXTECH i5 infrared thermal imaging camera by $1,000 to a new price of $1,995 (USD). Now more than ever, the EXTECH i5 shatters price/performance barriers as the most cost-effective thermal imaging camera on the market making it easier than ever for professionals to upgrade from a single-spot IR thermometer to the big picture of a full-featured infrared camera.
Arpineh Mullaney, VP of sales and marketing at Extech talked about the monumental move, "When the powerful and feature-packed EXTECH i5 was introduced in early 2008, it trail-blazed the entry-level infrared thermal imaging camera market by being the first professional-grade product to retail for less than $3,000. As this segment continues to grow, the EXTECH i5 maintains its market leadership as the industry's game-changer with an affordable new price of $1,995."

Mullaney adds, "'Infrared Everywhere' is a mantra at our parent company, FLIR Systems, and this price rollback reflects our commitment and strategy to driving down the cost of thermal imaging. Our goal is to enhance the ability of professionals to compete in a wide range of sectors including electrical contractors, plant MRO, predictive maintenance, HVACR professionals, disaster restoration technicians, and green building/energy auditors. For millions of professionals who have settled for an infrared thermometer's single-spot temperature reading, stepping up to an infrared camera with thousands of pixels of temperature data has never been easier or more affordable."

The EXTECH i5 IR camera can be used confidently to quickly diagnose problems, improve efficiency, and ensure worker safety. At $1,995, budget is no longer an excuse to upgrade from single-spot IR thermometers to the complete picture provided by an EXTECH i5: every workplace should have at least one.

About the EXTECH i5
Designed with legendary FLIR Systems technology, the $1,995 EXTECH i5 compact infrared camera is an easy-to-use and affordable troubleshooting tool for quality thermal imaging. With 2% accuracy and focus-free viewing, the EXTECH i5 helps electrical contractors find overheating in electrical panels and transformers. Plant MRO teams use one or several EXTECH i5 imagers to monitor motors, cooling systems, and steam traps as a key part of predictive maintenance. Water damage and disaster restoration professionals use the EXTECH i5 with crisp infrared images to quickly identify water damage and to accurately document drying efforts.

6,400 pixel IR resolution, 2% thermal accuracy, and a large 2.8" color display help users pinpoint problems fast. The ergonomic, pocket-sized 12 oz. design is double-molded and splashproof, making it as rugged as it is lightweight. With 1,000 image storage in the easy-to-share, patented radiometric JPEG format, the EXTECH i5 helps users report compelling findings before they become hazardous or expensive. ($1,995 USD pricing applies to U.S. sales only.)

For more information, visit our website at www.extech.com/i5news.

About Extech Instruments, a FLIR Company
Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, Extech Instruments is one of the largest suppliers of test and measurement equipment worldwide. Founded in 1971, Extech is known for its depth and breadth of products and its innovation in providing instruments with unique combinations of features that make them highly useful and very convenient. All Extech meters are distributed worldwide through leading representatives, distributors and OEMs. The company is ISO 9001 2000 certified and is a wholly owned subsidiary of FLIR Systems, Inc. Visit www.extech.com to learn more.



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