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Consumerium - Enhancing Consumer Informedness - Kuluttajien voimaannuttamista jo vuodesta 2002


Copyleft, totally a thing to do with all said to the right of this graphic. In Finnish it is k?ytt?j?noikeus which translates to "user's right"

Welcome, newcomers to our set of 1,169 Consumerium Effort development wiki articles crafted in the spirit of our philosophy where fairtrade, human rights in business, political consumerism, copyleft, free software, moral purchasing, consumer activism and shareholder activism are close to the core.

Our intent is to provide services for which we need infrastructure built with technologies.

Consumerium itself is a not-for-profit effort to enable display of product information to consumers and feedback to the producers to enhance the consumer experience and to keep this planet as hospitable as possible.

We are collaborating under the GFDL license, to design a healthy buying infrastructure.We are identifying hardware requirements for storage, transport and display of varying levels of product information to consumers and feedback to producers at the point of purchase to enhance the consumer experience, advance product development and to keep this planet as hospitable as possible.

Welcom to Trollb?le, west bank of the Former Aral Sea Shores. No, seriously, keeping all production servers in Finland to make jurisdiction certain. The laws of Finland are quite rational. Read for yourself, if you don't believe: most of it is in translations here.

Timeline of Consumerium is work eternally in progress. Currently it is year 2019.

How Consumerium differs from Wikipedia in a nutshell - a timeless classic from 2004

Planned Features to The Consumer - Consumerium Services ( messy ) - Planned Consumer Agent app

Ethical consumerism is a type of consumer activism that is based on the concept of dollar voting.It is practiced through 'positive buying' in that ethical products are favoured, or 'moral boycott', that is negative purchasing and company-based purchasing.”


~ jubo-jubo on how neo can into logism

Consumerium's lists of useful things and services

Lists of shared and alternative transport and traveler routers
Lists of review aggregators and review sites
Lists of price comparison services
Lists of alternative financial services

and much more in the Consumerium list of lists

Thank yous for tech is hosted at Hetzner Online AG's Helsinki data center which uses electricity only from renewable sources. (Verify)

The Executive Summary page is a 5 minute read to Consumerium. landing page explains the core of Consumerium and Kuluttajisto the same thing in Finnish.

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Use [[w:Fairtrade]] to link to Wikipedia's article on fairtrade and [[w:fr:Commerce équitable]] to link to the article in the French Wikipedia as simple as that. ( works for all languages, just insert the correct lang code ). Avoid unnecessary replicating, we're in the GFDL part of the world after all :)