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 TradeLion.com is a B2B Import and Export marketing and trading portal, providing International Import and Export Trade Leads, secure B2B trade finance options and international trade news. Registered Members enjoy an enhanced cost-effective return on investment with Membership. Reach TradeLion's registered International Import and Export Trade Leads in the U.S., and in six geo-specific regions outside the U.S. TradeLion's International Import and Export Trade Leads Directory contains of over 350,000 corporate buyers and suppliers in over 200 countries, trading in over 6,200 SIC-based product categories, and offer qualified opportunities for increased sales, reduced supplier costs, and an ever-growing source of international business contacts.

 Through alliances and license agreements with established international trade marketing, advertising and management companies, TradeLion.com offers the most pertinent news, events, seminars, books, and videos available for global trade issues. Our trade leads contact management and partnering solutions are tailored to the needs and requirements of each participant. Some of the dynamic features of our powerful site include:

· Downloadable Trade Leads From Six Global Regions
· Updates on Trade Leads you have purchased
· "The Lion's Den" Trading Hub Community Services
· Six Region Specific Global Trade Message Forums
· Global Trade Related Books and Videos
· "The Latest Lion's Share" Newsletter
· Invitations to Global Trade Seminars/Events
· Regional Trade News
· Free Trial Subscriptions to Global Trade Publications
· Dozens of On-Line Trade Related Sites
· Sponsors and Affiliates Programs

 Visit below our map of regional business prospects and International Trade Leads that can be downloaded to your computer:

Canadian Business & IndustryEuropean Business & IndustryEuropean Business & Industry
Asian Business & Industry
African & Mideast Business & Industry Asian Business & Industry
Central & South American Business & Industry
Pacific & Australian Business & Industry
Region# of Leads
Central & South America49,459
Australia & Pacific15,751
Africa & Mideast40,835
United States50,629
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