Scale AI releases free lidar dataset to power self-driving car development

无翼乌之路飞h女帝全彩High quality data is the fuel that powers AI algorithms. Without a continual flow of labeled data, bottlenecks can occur and the algorithm will slowly get worse and add risk to the system. It’s why labeled data is so critical for companies like Zoox, Cruise and Waymo, which use it to train machine learning models… Read More »

Simulators: They Just Get Better

In 2016, when I was starting to build Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Program, it was so hard to find a good vehicle… Continue reading on Self-Driving Cars ? Read the original article

From Airplanes to Self-Driving: The Troubleshooting Service Technician

This story is a part of “We Are Argo,” an ongoing series featuring unique stories and diverse experiences from Argo AI employees. Read more about “We Are Argo” and meet additional members of the Argo team?here. Irving Tejocote, Service Technician, Argo?AI Growing up in Texas, Irving’s family business was built on the assumption that cars… Read More »

New approach to simulation set to revolutionise autonomous vehicle training and testing

UK-based driving simulation company, rFpro, has developed a means to slash the hardware costs associated with large-scale simulation. The ground-breaking development has the potential to remove the industry’s dependence on manual annotation of test data that is created frame-by-frame, which is both time-consuming and error-prone. “Currently, many players in the autonomous vehicle field employ an… Read More »

Brian Salesky, CEO

Wired has a recent and very flattering profile of Brian Salesky, founder and CEO of Argo, Ford’s self-driving car?venture. The piece has more information than I’ve read elsewhere about the early history of the Google Self-Driving Car Project, now known as Waymo. There’s also a good description about the friendship and rivalry between Salesky and… Read More »

The Middle Mile

Gatik, a Palo Alto start-up, made the news recently with autonomous box trucks focused on “middle mile” logistics. I confess I was previously unfamiliar with the term “middle mile”, which apparently refers to the fixed routes between centralized distribution centers and dispersed retail locations. The advantage, I take it, is that “middle mile” routes are… Read More »